Micro-invasive caries infiltration

No drilling needed- tooth friendly filling by infiltration

With the micro-invasive caries infiltration, a system developed to treat caries lesions in the interdental area, the progression of caries can be stopped without using a drill and destroying healthy tooth structure. It is a real alternative compared to fillings with drillings and fills the gap between filling a prophylaxis.??

Therefore the “pseudo-intact” surface of the caries lesion is dissolved by etching, the pore structure of enamel is unveiled to later on infiltrate this micro-invasive system using a low viscose composite via capillary action.

This procedure prolongs the life expectancy of the tooth by stopping the dissolving effect of cariogenic acids on the treated surfaces.

This procedure is not only used between the teeth, we can also mask un-aesthetic white-spots or case-related fluorosis in the front tooth region. The reason being the refractive index which is different in comparison to normal enamel, caused by air and water inclusions. The low viscose composite has the same refractive index and it cancels out this difference, so the infiltrated lesion looks like the surrounding enamel.


Initial situation: caries lesion and white spot distal on 22
Preparation of the surface after the etching process
Infiltration procedure
Final result

Infiltration an Schmelzfrakturen mit ICON