Dental prophylaxis

Prophylaxis is one of the fundamental steps of dental health with the central function of preventing caries and periodontitis. Both of these diseases are caused by bacteria which is usually associated with a well-organised plaque or calculus. The Plaque consists of subspecies of bacteria and food leftovers which becomes mineralized to calculus in hard to reach areas.

The storage of colour pigments coming from food and luxury food is characterized by the yellowish-brown colour of calculus. Because of its surface roughness and poor removability it can become dangerous for the health of your teeth by changing its composition into a pathological condition. This is why the longer, on-going process of demineralization (acid attack) in comparison to remineralisation (fluoridation) eventually leads to caries.

Especially because of the inaccessibility in personal oral hygiene measures, bacteria can accumulate between the tooth neck and gum and can lead to gingivitis or initiate periodontitis. If this situation continues to exist the development of a pathological condition takes place and the loss of periodontal attachment will begin, possibly resulting in tooth migration, tooth loosening or even tooth loss.

Therefore the calculus is removed during the dental prophylaxis by special hand instruments and a tooth-friendly air polishing unit. After that, the surfaces of your teeth are polished and sealed to inhibit the adhesion of plaque. Further we will give you professional and individual oral hygiene instruction and motivation.

Patients who already have existing periodontitis will also receive laser treatment from our prophylaxis team.