Functional therapy

After the functional analysis has taken place we can make an accurate diagnosis. According to the individual specifications of the patient’s occlusion we fabricate a crystal clear occlusal splint.

The therapy of most malfunctions of the cranium mandibular dysfunction (CMD) are treated very effectively by functional splits. Hereby the mandibular joints are relieved by an even masticatory pressure. Simultaneously the tooth groups will be matched to the original occlusion, so the posterior teeth will have an even tooth contact and the anterior teeth will guide the lateral movement of the lower jaw.

This form of splint can be used with other therapeutic treatments to reduce discomfort even more. You usually wear the splints until your teeth are in the desired position. After that, the necessary correction such as the replacement of fillings, prosthodontics or insertion of implants can be done. Through this procedure we reduce the corrective steps to a minimum.

Based on the measurement data of the Zebris JMA system we can achieve precisely manufactured splints and after the cessation of complaints also the prostheses by our dental lab, to relieve the entire masticatory system.

Even without any complaints or dysfunctions we pay special attention to the length of the new prosthesis and the right occlusion.

Because of the abrasion caused over the course of a lifetime the posterior teeth systematically grind and lose length. We actually recognize this situation by a reduction of your lower face, this means the region between nose and chin is shorter. Also Lips become thinner and the corners of the mouth curl. As a result, the appearance of the face becomes pinched with an obvious wrinkle formation around the lips.

When we change the occlusion by prosthetic rehabilitation we have to be careful in defining the bite. It may be necessary to re-profile the lower face or raise the bite.